Replacing HCS Firmware

Rexroth HCS drives, the IndraDrive C models including  HCS202 and HCS203, use firmware which might need to be replaced at some point.

Are you updating or upgrading?

If your old firmware — say MPH04V06 —  is replaced by a new release of the same firmware, such as MPH04V08, then you’re updating.

If you decide to replace your old firmware — say MPH03V20 — with a new version, like MPH04V08, you’re upgrading.

When you upgrade, you absolutely must save your parameters. When you update, you don’t need to save your parameters, unless you really don’t like the idea of a having an enormous inert paperweight instead of a drive.

Save your parameters before you do anything else.

Your drive controller MUST be on 24 volt power supply and MUST NOT be in operating mode.

Get your MultiMediaCard ready

Don’t switch off the voltage once you start the process. However, before you begin, you’ll need to replace the old firmware files with the new ones. For this purpose, shut off the drive and remove the MultiMediaCard(MMC). Plug it into a computer with an MMC reader and open the Firmware folder.

Make sure you have the ibf file of the new firmware ready.

Your MMC Firmware folder cannot hold more than one firmware file at a time. Therefore, you must delete the old firmware first, and then add the new firmware.

This means that it is very important to make sure the new firmware file is what you think it is — check and double check to be sure.

Replace the firmware

With the drive still turned off, replace the MMC. Now restart the drive.

You’ll see the message, “Firmware update?” Push “Enter” and the drive controller will upload the new firmware.

If you are upgrading, you will need to restore your parameters. If you are updating, you might need to restore your parameters. Either way, you’ll get a prompt.

Now it’s just a matter of getting your machine into starting position, according to the manual for your machinery.

If you have a safety module, make sure you replace its firmware at the same time.

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