Rexroth Acquires Kassow Robots

Rexroth makes the best motion control on the planet, we’re convinced. They are now stepping up with the acquisition of the majority stake in Kassow Robots, a Danish maker of collaborative robots, or cobots.

Kassow Robots currently makes five cobots, and the acquisition will expand Rexroth’s position in this lucrative market. Rexroth, and its parent company, Bosch Rexroth, often expand their capacity through mergers and acquisitions. Rexroth acquired Indramat as its electric drive and control division, for example.

“Collaborative industrial robots are another important building block for the versatile Factory of the Future,” said Dr. Marc Wucherer of Rexroth.

Collaborative robot arms

While the word “robot” may summon visions of humanoid robots like Pepper, the Kassow Robots are 7-axis collaborative robot arms. They’re designed to accommodate a range of accessories such as grippers and vision attachments.

The robot market is expected to grow 15 to 20 per cent each year, with a potential valuation of $199 billion by 2030.

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