Rexroth and Easter Candy

Your Easter basket might include Marshmallow Peeps, chocolate bunnies, or Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, but you can be sure that all those candies were made by machine.

The Queen of England gets handmade chocolate eggs for Easter, but you’re not the Queen of England, are you? So your confections have been created in a factory.

One of Europe’s top confectionery machine makers uses Rexroth’s MLC Indramotion system for production and packaging machines, using Indraworks/Indracontrol programming. This combination offers integrated safety functionality along with precision and power.

Rexroth provides numerous machine solutions for the confectionery industry. Hygienic design that has no grooves or other areas prone to contamination helps to meet the very high standards for cleanliness. Motors are closed to work well in a wash down environment, too.

Energy efficiency means you can have your jelly beans and stay green, too. Open source programming allows greater compatibility among machines. From thermoforming to palletizing, Rexroth can provide all the technology needed, but Rexroth also works hard to achieve compatibility so candy makers can retrofit factories instead of making a complete change.

With more than half a century producing the best electric motion control on the planet, Rexroth turns up in practically every factory we visit. Rexroth probably had a hand in producing your Easter candy, too.

You’re welcome.

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