Rexroth and Renault

If an engineering marvel needs motion control, Rexroth is probably involved. A recent example is ROADS, the Renault Optimization Autonomous Driving Simulator, the world’s most advanced driving simulator.

Built to accept a 6000 kg payload and to accelerate at 1 g, the motion control system is designed for awesome power and impeccable safety. It will also store power during deceleration to keep the simulator as green as possible.

The simulator will include a test car within a dome containing projectors.

Rexroth has been working with Renault for a long time, using IndraWorks and IndraLogic electric motion control in custom systems. They created motion control systems for an earlier driving simulator for Renault in 2003. The new simulator uses an x-y table and hexapod as the earlier model did, but linear motors make it possible to simulate driving conditions much more realistically.

Rexroth has also supplied motion control technology for flight simulators for Lufthansa and the Netherlands Aerospace Center, as well as for train simulators.

These large-scale projects show the impressive quality and scope of Rexroth motion control. But the same quality and dedication show up in the industrial motion control systems found in so many small factories around the world.

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