Rexroth Appropriate Use

Rexroth industrial motion control systems have impressive warranties. Even more impressive, you can often get a new warranty for your Rexroth servos and other components when you have factory repair or reman done.

But there are things that will invalidate your warranty. Rexroth accepts responsibility for their components only when you’ve complied with the appropriate use guidelines.

What’s appropriate use?

We’re not making any judgements here. If you want to use your servos to create exciting new textiles for swimsuits or to can San Francisco fog for tourists, that’s up to you. Appropriate use, for Rexroth, is a lot more specific.

First of all, the people who use the products must be aware of all the safety information relevant to the system. Industrial machinery can hurt people in a variety of ways: electrical shocks, hot surfaces, and potentially dangerous movements are all part of the deal. Only qualified technicians should be using or working on the machinery.

Don’t reach into the machine, try to fix something while the machine is in operation, or otherwise try to bypass the safety features. Not sure about the safety features? Request a manual and polish up your knowledge.

You shouldn’t make any structural changes or decompile the software, either. Hardware can’t be changed from the original state in any way. Source code for software can’t be changed. Hacks may be exciting, but they count as inappropriate use.

Using faulty or damaged components is another example of inappropriate use. As soon as you become aware of damage or defects, repair the defective parts. Continuing to use them, no matter how clever your workaround, is inappropriate use.

Make sure that your machinery is mounted or configured in the way the manual says it should be.

It’s all about safety.

You may have noticed that appropriate use is mostly about safety. If Rexroth didn’t foresee that you would use the machinery in a particular way, they can’t have prepared for the safety issues that usage might create.

Subjecting your Rexroth machinery to excessive heat or cold, dirt and debris, dirty electricity, or even high altitudes can shorten the useful life of the machinery, but inappropriate use typically refers to actions that increase dangers for humans.

Notice that letting a third party repair shop mess with your machinery is an example of inappropriate use. That will negate your warranty. Factory repair or reman will often extend your warranty or even allow you to get a new warranty.

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