Rexroth Controls Cruise Ships


Meyer Weft is building cruise ships, including the gigantic Quantum of the Seas. Rexroth is providing the stage technology, including electric motion control systems.

Meyer Weft cruise ships are built of blocks, each of which can weigh 800 tons. Each one is constructed to precise dimensions, and electric systems and pipes are built in at this stage.  Plasma cutters and welding are the primary methods used. Some 70 blocks go into the building of a single ship. This system requires a high level of precision, which is where servo motors come into their own.

The modern method of shipbuilding uses virtual reality, too. Specific areas of the ship are constructed in VR so they can be tested before they are built. Avoiding errors and problems is key to success.

Meyer Weft was founded in 1795, which means that its history rivals that of Rexroth.

If you can read German, you can play a ship launching game at the Meyer Weft website. “Can you handle an unproblematic transfer of a cruise ship?” they ask. “Test it here!” At that point, the game switches to German.

We lost. Repeatedly. We can’t read German, and it looks like we don’t have an intuitive grasp of what’s needed to launch a cruise ship, even for an unproblematic transfer.

However, we do know our servo motors. We specialize in Rexroth electric motion control, both legacy and new. We can provide phone support to help you determine your options. We also have the largest selection of emergency replacement parts in the nation.

With emergency replacement units, you’ll be able to pull out the defective unit and replace it while you have factory repair done. This is usually the most cost-effective solution for worn Rexroth electric motion control parts. Trying to trouble shoot and repair parts on the machine leads to costly downtime. Reman and repair get you back up and running fast.

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