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Rexroth Cures Downtime 0

Posted on 1, May 2017

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Rexroth Cures Downtime/blog

Short of an explosion, unscheduled downtime is the biggest issue for most manufacturing facilities. Whether you’ve got a big problem or a small one, if you have to shut down the line for any period of time, you’re looking at cost overruns, scheduling issues, and unhappy customers. Fortunately, Rexroth has always been concerned with downtime.

Modular system

Rexroth’s modular design of motion control components makes it quick and easy to change out components with little to no downtime. We can provide emergency replacement units for Rexroth electric motion control, so you experience minutes rather than days of downtime while your components are being repaired or remanufactured at the factory.

Factory repair

A closely related benefit is the fact that Rexroth electric motion control devices are not repaired on the machine. Remove the broken module, pop in the emergency replacement component, and you’re back up and running.

Factory repair gives you back your component as good as new, usually with a new warranty.

IoT Gateway technology

With the new IoT Gateway technology, Rexroth has been able to reduce downtime in its Hamburg factory by 25% — even with decade-old machines. Retrofitting the old machinery in the same space increased overall efficiency by 5% and produced meaningful improvements in downtime.