Rexroth Ends Programming?

Programming is obviously essential for Industry 4.0 innovation. But Rexroth is doing away with programming for many machine users.

Just as the Personality Modules of the 20th century allowed an engineer on the floor to replace a faulty component with minimal downtime, the new alternatives to programming allow Rexroth motion control users to keep their facilities running with minimal effort.

There’s the EasyMotion Test Drive software that uses an Excel interface. People who can use Excel can now control robots without any PLC programming language skills. Motion commands can be downloaded directly to the drive, with no need to connect Excel.

Then there’s the IoT Gateway, which lets operators use a web interface for all configurations and communication. Since it’s web-based, you can use it remotely no matter where you are or when you need it. And you can control your machinery without writing a single line of code.

Better still, you can retrofit all kinds of machines. “We’ve even been able to use it with the one of the machines Robert Bosch created in the 1800s,” a spokesperson said. That means you can take advantage of these great strides in communication without upgrading all your machinery. The pictured Rexroth IoT Gateway rack is specifically designed to connect legacy machines and sensors.

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