Rexroth Error Code F7031

wrong direction

When you set up GPS for your car and tell it to start, it shows you where you are on your path to your destination — unless you quit following the path. If you don’t stay on the right path, your GPS keeps telling you to turn around and get back on track. You’re going the wrong way, and that can’t be a good thing. So it just doesn’t work. You can’t go any further if you’re going in the wrong direction.

Basically, time stops until you get it figured out and head off in the right direction.

That’s essentially what’s happening with Rexroth error code F7031.

The machine tries to move in the wrong direction, so the motion control system shuts it down.

Obviously, heading in the wrong direction is a bigger deal for industrial machinery than for a family out to explore a new city. A machine traveling in the wrong direction can cause all kinds of damage and destruction.

How does something like this happen? At its simplest, F7031 is the result of one basic thing:

The wrong directions.

Faulty parameters or incorrect information tells the machine to go in a direction that doesn’t fit with the other information the machine already has. The machine will choose to shut everything down until the human operators get it together. Check this first when you get the F7031 error code. If you’ve got an incorrect command value or incorrect parameterization of directions of motion, your system isn’t going to function right.

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