Rexroth Error Codes: The F Codes

Rexroth error codes show up when there is a problem with your Rexroth motion control systems. Don’t panic! These codes are there to help you.

The overview

Rexroth error codes have one letter and four numbers in the string. Often, the first item in the code is “F.” That means it’s a fault. A code beginning with F is always a problem of some kind, never an advertisement or a clue that you are about to win something.

The second item gives you a clue to the macro-view category of the problem.

  • F2xxx: Non-fatal errors, the kind that do not cause your machine to stop working entirely. That doesn’t mean you can ignore them, but you doing have a little time to think about what to do next.
  • F3xxx: Non-fatal errors in the safety technology
  • F4xxx: Interface errors
  • F5xxx: This is a tricky one — there aren’t any current Rexroth error codes beginning with F5. There have been in the past, but we haven’t seem them recently.
  • F6xxx: Travel range errors
  • F7xxx: Safety technology errors
  • F8xxx: Fatal errors
  • F9xxx: Fatal system errors

When you know…

Once you know what general category of fault you’re dealing with, your repair manual can help. Rexroth troubleshooting manuals list the likely causes of an error message in order of probability. The most likely problem is listed first, so it makes sense to check that first.

For some of us, our first thought when faced with an error message is that we’re going to have to replace that drive. In fact, it might well be a cable, a loose connection, or some other simple fix. Try each suggestion before you decide to make major changes.

Work your way down the list, and reach out to us when you need service or support. In fact, when you need a replacement for a component of Rexroth electric industrial motion control systems, we can help with that, too. Often we will have a remanufactured part — that’s as good as new, if not better — that we can deliver to you quickly for minimum downtime.

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