Rexroth Factory of the Future Exhibit

Rexroth’s plant in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, has developed a Factory of the Future exhibit you can tour to see how cutting-edge technologies in industrial automation can change your factory experience.

Key concepts include the Industrial Internet of Things, smart machines, and open standards, areas in which Rexroth has long been a leader.

Modular design, an even more well established concept for Rexroth, is also showcased.  From conveyors to distributed drive and control, the exhibit shows how various components can be integrated to accomplish an impressive variety of tasks, and to provide the flexibility modern factories need.

Rexroth experts are on hand to discuss how the new approach can bring greater productivity and maximum flexibility. They’re demonstrating high levels of connectivity among the machines and showing how easily the new steel frames lend themselves to quick changes on the factory floor.

Connectivity among devices is commonplace in homes and offices, and Rexroth expects to see the same level of connectivity in factories within the next decade. One important tool for this, which can be seen at the Factory of the Future experience, is the i4.0 Cube. This four-sided touchscreen device incorporates the IoT Gateway and can be used for training and data management.

IoT Gateway allows legacy machinery to be connected without reprogramming, and a new generation of sensors makes it easy to retrofit legacy components.

If you are using Rexroth legacy units, you’ll be glad to know that factory repair or reman can make these components like new — or even better. Since you can also use these legacy units with IoT Gateway and new sensors, giving them a new lease on life makes sense for long term planning.

Let us get your Rexroth legacy machinery ready for the future.

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