Rexroth Gets Coffee on the Table


Rexroth industrial motion control is an integral part of the Eiffel Tower, the Panama Canal, and NASA spacecraft. Why should anyone get excited about its part in producing coffee pods for those trendy pod-based coffee machines?

Because Rexroth is part of a solution to a big problem.

Conveyor belts are important to modern manufacturing. They keep everything up to speed, literally. But conveyors that deliver things over long distances, or to human beings, or in any situation where there are additional variables, can end up with problems.



When it comes to the coffee pods, any back up along the conveyor belt could cause damage. So one coffee pod maker used Rexroth’s VarioFlow modular conveyor system to add six minutes of buffer to the workflow. Sensors identify threats of backup and stop the conveyor. When it’s ready to restart, backed-up product is released in sections so that it reaches the next machine in the correct orientation for the next step in processing.

What’s more, the flexibility of the solution allows four high speed production lines in 10,000 square feet of space.

Getting coffee pods into the hands of consumers with minimal wastage or damage may not be as impressive as powering the Bolshoi Theater, but coming up with a solution for the problem of conveyor belt backup can make a big difference in the lives of plenty of manufacturers.

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