Rexroth in the Technological Storm

This is just an ad. We enjoyed it, so you might like to watch it during your coffee break, too. But we’re not going to pretend that there’s a lot of information here.

The thing that struck us was the promise to keep up with “the technological storm we’re in.”

That’s a metaphorical storm, created by the unprecedented pace of technological change, plus the maelstrom of social and legal uncertainty in responding to those changes.

Some of us feel techno-joy, looking forward to the day when our robot coworkers will include octopus-inspired AI learning bots with friendly personalities. Some tend more to Luddite-like techno-terror, worrying that the robot overlords will take our jobs and then enslave us (contradictory, sure , but fear interferes with logical thought) right after some human bad guy grabs all our personal data. Some of us just feel paralyzed because any decision we make could be the wrong one.

At least one of us still has a box of Betamax videotapes in the garage.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make wholesale changes in your industrial motion control technology. You also don’t have to put off any changes because there might be something even more revolutionary coming down the pike next month.

We can help you decide which Rexroth components should be upgraded or retrofitted to give you the best bang for the buck. We can also help you take good care of the legacy components you stick with.

Factory reman sends those parts back to you in like-new condition with new warranties. Contact us now to plan your response to the storm.

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