Rexroth Lays Out the Costliest Maintenance Tricks


In a new article, Rexroth calls out the maintenance tricks that cost companies the most dough. We’ll talk about a couple of our favorites — or maybe we should say our least favorites, since these are the ones we see most often causing our clients trouble.

Wait till the problem is already a problem

Sometimes you can’t foresee a problem with your industrial motion control until something explodes, or at least coughs, shuts down, and emits a wisp of smoke. Modern sensors help with that, but most facilities still don’t know they’ve got a problem coming up until it’s a serious issue.

In fact, we often talk with people who have something serious going on at the factory, and then don’t hear from them again until they’re tried something else, lost days or weeks of production, and gotten really desperate. Then they call us back and we help them just as we would have helped them the first time.

Except that waiting for the second time makes everything more painful and expensive.

Replace instead of repair

Rexroth creates modular designs that allow you to pull a part and replace it with a new unit fast. This is good. But getting an emergency replacement part and factory repair or reman is even better.

Rexroth factory repair and reman give you a like-new part with a new warranty, at a fraction of the price.

It’s that simple.

Bargain hunt for parts

It’s tempting to buy replacement parts on eBay or to give your local Bait & Servo Repair Shop a whirl when they say they can give you a good price. But Rexroth doesn’t sell replacement parts, and those convincing-looking replacement parts won’t do their job the way original parts will.

Since the parts aren’t even the most expensive aspect of repair work for industrial motion control machinery, you’re taking an unwise risk when you try to cobble something together instead of springing for factory repair.

Be smart and skip these expensive maintenance habits. Give us a call in the first place.

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