Rexroth Maintenance Free

Many Rexroth electric industrial motion control components are designed to be maintenance free.

Maintenance free servos

Most Rexroth servo motors, for example, are completely enclosed. This is important when they’re to be used in washdown environments or other extreme conditions, and it’s one of the reasons that Rexroth motion control systems can be found in service decades after they’ve been installed.

Rexroth components are almost never designed to be repaired or even diagnosed on the machine. Servo-based systems require less maintenance in general, but Rexroth motion control systems are designed to keep going on their own.

Maintain the environment

That doesn’t mean that you can just ignore your motion control systems. When your Rexroth machinery was put in place, it was given the right ambient temperature, the right distance from its power source, and the right cabinet. Over time, those conditions can change.

Cabinets may need cleaning. Temperature must be managed. Module loads have to be kept within appropriate levels. And be sure to check those cables and batteries.

Air supply and ambient temperature are two of the most common issues. Chances are, if you’re using legacy Rexroth electric motion control parts, no one currently working at your facility knows the requirements of your motion control system. The manual that came with the machinery has probably been put in a safe place, thrown out (these two options give you just about equal chances of finding it) or carried off by mice long ago.

We can send you a current manual for your Rexroth module. Use our manual request form and tell us the part number or numbers you need. With the manual, you can make sure that you’re meeting the environmental requirements of your machinery.

Keep it clean

Dirt and debris are common trouble sources. Debris on a conveyor belt, for example, can cause slippage that puts additional strain on the motion control system.

If you’re facing any kinds of problems with your Rexroth electric motion control system, or you’re just ready to discuss maintenance issues, call us at 479-422-0390. We offer phone support, field support, factory repair and reman, and we have the largest supply of emergency replacement units in the nation.

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