Rexroth Received Industry 4.0 Award

Trade Journal Produktion‘s Industry 4.0 Award goes to Rexroth’s updated assembly line.

The new assembly line in Homburg/Saar has nine intelligent workstations. Workpieces are RFID tagged, and the work stations can read the workpieces’ messages and respond appropriately, going into the correct processes for a given workpiece. Visual displays for human workers show what steps they need to take.

Rexroth has a long history of technological innovation that increases the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of industrial automation. The Rexroth Personality Modules allowed manufacturers to change out machines and transfer the parameters and other settings from the old machine to the new one with minimum effort and maximum speed.

The new connected systems take it a step further. Instead of programming a machine for a single task, you can program modules to recognize and follow through on different production processes for different workpieces.

At the same time, operators wear or carry Bluetooth tags with their profiles, and the system responds with customized interfaces. Font size, screen size, and language on the monitors adapt to the specific needs of each individual operator. Specialized instructions and appropriate depth of information are displayed.

The Active Cockpit displays all essential information on a single dashboard so team leads and analysts can see how things are going at a glance.

Using RFID and Bluetooth technologies, the machinery, the workpiece, and the user can communicate effectively. The result is greater efficiency and flexibility.

These factors simplify the process, allow customization of products, and lead to greater productivity overall.

Rexroth has been creating the best motion control on the planet for a long time. We specialize in Rexroth electric industrial motion control. We can provide support and service for legacy and current Rexoth products.

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