Rexroth Safety Technology Errors

Integrated safety technology in Rexroth drive and motion control systems focuses on motion control. Devices may be locked, motions may be limited, brakes may be managed… the object is always to keep your machinery from being in the same place at the same time as a human operator or bystander.

The newest version of the safety technology includes robots that sense a human presence and stop when people are close enough to be in danger.

But you might still see safety technology error codes when you use IndraDrive systems.

These codes begin with F3. Here are a couple of examples:

  • F3130: Error when checking input signals

    • Your firmware will check input signals. If there’s a mismatch, this is the error message you’ll receive.
  • F3131: Error when checking acknowledgement signal
    • You’ll see this error when some safety systems have been deactivated.

These are errors of the non-fatal safety error class. Fatal safety errors, with codes beginning with F83, lead to stopping of the axes. Once the axes are in safe motion state, the errors can be cleared.

A number of different responses can be configured. You might want to distinguish between a safe stop at best possible speed, which will shut down the movement while keeping it under control of the drive, from an emergency stop which allows the drive to coast to a stop. An emergency stop could cause damage to the drive, while a controlled stop can be configured to avoid damage.

Of  course, human safety has to be the highest priority. In some cases, human workers have been known to sabotage safety measures built into machines. The most common reason is to make the machines go faster. It’s not that factory hands are thrillseekers, but that they often feel pressured to meet production quotas that are just shy of impossible.

Speeding up the machines is one way to increase the chances of getting that bonus or avoiding that workpiece pileup. But it can also lead to systemic failures, machine damage, and unsafe working conditions. Rexroth’s Safety on Board system is designed to avoid these negative consequences. Don’t overlook the warnings or assume that sabotage is impossible.

And remember that downtime is the most expensive consequence. When you get a Rexroth warning — especially a warning related to safety — be sure to take the right steps to fix the problem. Call us right away. Don’t wait for things to get worse.



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