Rexroth Takes Industry 4.0 on the Road Again

A recent poll found that 90% of manufacturers are committed to Industry 4.0 — gathering information throughout the supply chain, using that data to make decisions, and eventually seeing much of that decision making done in the cloud by artificial intelligence. Or something like that. Because 60% of respondents had only the vaguest idea of what Industry 4.0 would be like.

As a thought leader on the subject and also an industry leader for real-world Industry 4.0, Rexroth is doing a good job of showing the world what the factory of the future will really look like. With research facilities, model factories, and educational examples all over the world, Rexroth is succeeding in making Industry 4.0 warm and fuzzy, or at least imaginable.

And the Industry 4.0 Road Show is a big part of that.

The traveling road show brings a bunch of new technologies together to show how various machines and sensors can work — and work together — in a real-world situation. Anti-slosh technology, cutting edge conveyor systems, and much more will be presented in a temperature-controlled environment, with engineers on hand to answer questions and suggest applications. IndraDrive MI and IndraDrive ML are two of the stars of the show.

The Road Show will be happening in the U.S. and the UK, and you can even host a stop at your facility.

If you need support for your current Rexroth electric industrial motion control technology, we’re the place to call. We offer phone support, field support, and factory repair and reman. Even if you’re firmly stuck in Industry 3.0.

It’s only fair to warn you, though, that Industry 5.0 is on the horizon.

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