Servos as Sensors


Developments in sensors have extended the potential of servos to an impressive degree, but there’s another big change in the wind. Bosch Rexroth has now created servos that can serve as sensors.

The servos send information on things like their temperature to the controllers. “For the first time,” say Rexroth experts, “the servomotor can act as a reliable sensor, as well as a data source.”

We’re talking about the new MS2N motors. They come in six sizes and each size is available in multiple lengths. They offer 30% higher torque densities than the previous models, and the sensor capabilities allow more tighter operating tolerance ranges.
It’s all part of the increasing IIOT communication possibilities that make Industry 4.0 a realistic prospect.
The MS2N motor range has single-cable capacity, and the motors deliver plenty of power along with energy savings. You could say that they combine all the major new trends in industrial motion control in one small but mighty package.
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