It’s All about the Sensors


A servo motor uses information from sensors, with the help of drives and controls, to control the actions of machines precisely.

It could be drones flying packages to shoppers. It could be a robot making Tinder judgements so that people seeking their soulmates online can avoid overthinking their decisions. It could be super-safe cars that step in and take over when humans screw up.

It’s all about the sensors.

Back when sensors could only tell when a movement had reached its end point or a temperature had been attained, servo motors were limited. Now that sensors can tell the height of a pallet, the shape of an object in relation to the objective it’s supposed to match, and the absolute position of an object, servos have come into their own in exciting new ways.

Fortunately, you can often upgrade sensors without having to upgrade your servos, drives, or controls. If you want to tap into the new power of sensors and you’re not sure how to configure your Rexroth motion control or what you need to upgrade, give us a call.

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