Rexroth’s Smart Workstation

Bosch Rexroth and Tulip have gotten together to create a Smart Workstation. Company representatives say that this will completely redefine the manufacturing workstation.

First off, you can customize the design online and have the perfect-for-you workbench delivered to your facility. The demand for customization by consumers has been in the “challenges” column for manufacturers for some time, but it can also be a plus.

Rexroth has always relied on modular design to make for maximum flexibility in all its drive and control components. With every workstation built to order, this is a perfect example of the evolution of the system. In fact, Tulip is identifying the workstation’s digital activities as “manufacturing apps” — a new approach to processes which will “turn your workflows into instrumented, data collecting, digital processes.”

The Smart Workstation is ready right out of the box to integrate into your IoT plans, or to start them off and integrate your other equipment into your new IoT capabilities.With sensors in place and immediate access to the library of manufacturing apps, the workstation can track and evaluate machine and human actions. Track workpieces through their processing, require input from human operators for accountability, and provide integrated work instructions.

Since it’s designed to work with a broad range of Tulip and Bosch Rexroth devices, you can connect your humidity sensors, pick-to-light system, or RFID reader right out of the box. The library of integrated devices is growing steadily.

Training is another area of strength for the Smart Workstation. Recent studies have found that training is a high priority but doesn’t actually get done in most manufacturing plants. Since training with the Smart Workstation can be built into the current workflow and customized for individuals, this new device can make a difference in this crucial area.

Since we’re Rexroth specialists, you can be confident that we’ll provide complete support for the newest members of the Rexroth family… and for the oldest ones, too. Legacy systems from Indramat and Rexroth continue to be important parts of many factories and printing shops across the continent, and we can keep yours running as they should.

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