The Coldest Journey Completed

coldestjourneyThe Coldest Journey, a 2,000 mile trip across the Antarctic in winter, has been completed. The explorers are back safely — in part thanks to the special equipment created for them by Bosch Rexroth — and the work of analyzing the data they’ve gathered begins.

A map of the route (showing the planned and the actual route), a schedule of the team’s typical day on the ice, and the team’s blog help us get a sense of what the adventure was like. The pictures are amazing, and we’re looking forward to learning more as the scientists analyze the information they’ve gathered.

The expedition also raised $2 million for Seeing Is Believing, a charity focusing on preventable blindness around the world.

What was Rexroth’s part in all this? Drive motor control and flow valves for the back up generator that kept the team’s living quarters livable.

That may not be the part of the expedition that gets talked about the most, but it gives us a great sense of satisfaction. The absolute trustworthiness of Rexroth technology is something to celebrate, and the reason Rexroth was chosen for the expedition.

Visit the expedition’s website to learn more about the adventure.

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