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They’re Not All Error Messages 0

Posted on 3, April 2019

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Theyre Not All Error Messages/blog

Sometimes your Rexroth electric motion control devices communicate something other than error messages. Naturally, they usually communicate that everything is hunky dory. But they have other messages, too.

Here are the kinds of messages you might receive:

• Error diagnostic messages
• Warning diagnostic messages
• Command diagnostic messages
• Drive Mode diagnostic messages
• Operation status

E and F are error and warning messages. But other letters signal other types of diagnostic messages. For example, you might have an EcoDrive or DKS Drive Controller. One day you see this cryptic message:


D306 tells you that the power is off. That might sound like an error to you, but for Rexroth it isn’t even a warning. It’s just a useful piece of information. You can check the connections and get the power turned on and start over.

D310 is a request for the master password. Input the master password and you’re in business.

This type of message is often easier to resolve than warnings and error messages. But it’s only easy if you know how.

Rexroth manuals

There are two ways to get that knowledge. First, you can request a manual for your machine. Click through to our manual request form, let us know which manual you need, and we will be happy to email you the correct manual.

Rexroth troubleshooting manuals are intended for experienced personnel. They don’t start at the beginning and they don’t take it slowly. They jump right in and let you know that your drive is in the torque control operating mode and expect you to know what to do next.

Expert support

We are Rexroth electric industrial motion control experts. We can often diagnose your problem over the phone. If you need on-site support, we have charter planes standing by to get our technicians to you fast.

We also provide factory reman and repair with 24 hour turnaround in most cases.

If it’s not just a matter of turning on the power or tracking down the keyword, we can be the difference between a small problem and a lengthy spell of downtime. Call us first.