Unsung Coronavirus Heroes: Manufacturing

Healthcare workers are very correctly being hailed as heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grocery store workers have been classified as first responders in some states, as they continue to go to work in spite of unsafe conditions. Even truck drivers have had some callouts on social media, since they bring toilet paper to stores.

People are forgetting those important workers all along the supply chain, though.

People who make things

Personal preparedness equipment, ventilators, pills and the bottles they come in, toilet paper, thermometers, packaged foods and the packages they come in, hand sanitizer and the bottles it comes in… these items and many more have two important things in common.

First, they are needed in homes and hospitals during the current global pandemic.

Second, they are made by people and machines.

Manufacturing is essential. Thanks to modern automation (including safety-focused motion control), factories are much safer than they used to be. But they can still be dangerous. Sometimes people ignore safety regulations, machines are used without following safety protocols, or the environment is not considered.

When it comes to the coronavirus, machine operators can’t work from home.


Factories can be kept safe. Here are some actions to consider during the outbreak:

  • Check workers’ temps as they arrive at the facility. No-touch thermometers work quickly and safely.
  • Be very strict about smocks, masks, and other safety clothing.
  • Station workers six feet apart and explain the importance of maintaining that social distance.
  • Remind workers to dispose of or launder protection gear and clothing immediately.
  • Insist that workers scrub their hands before leaving the facility.

Make sure workers understand that they must not come to your workplace if they feel ill.

And make sure your human workers feel appreciated. Some may feel like most people are getting a couple of weeks of paid leave to spend at home relaxing. Others may see admiration of grocery clerks when they, the people who make the goods sold in grocery stores, are unsung. Your attitude toward your team can make the difference in their morale.


Good news! Your Rexroth electric industrial motion control systems don’t need you to think about their morale. They will work every shift without a break for years — decades, even. They can be underappreciated and ignored. As long as you keep an eye out for error messages, you probably won’t notice any problems.

If you’re having down time, though, this is a good time to plan some factory reman for components that have been in service for 10 years or more. Call us right away to schedule!

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