Upgrading Indramat Drives

Three machinists in workspace by machine talkingUpgrading machinery is no small matter, even though salespeople can make it sound that way. A perfect example is the case of Cummins, Inc., an outfit that works with deisel engines. They relied on Indramat RAC drives, legacy drives from Indramat, which is now part of Bosch Rexroth, to run four key machines.

They had looked into upgrading or replacing the machines, but the OEM’s best offer was going to shut down their machines for close to a year. Even if they worked on just one machine at a time, that level of downtime just wasn’t possible. Most of each machine would be replaced with newer parts, and as you can imagine, the cost was very high.

But even leaving the cost of the new equipment out of the equation, there was no way the company could spend almost four years functioning at 75% capacity.

The solution was a new Rexroth DKR AC drive for each machine. It fits in the same space as the RAC drive, so the old machines — which are working just fine — don’t have to be replaced.

The story offers some useful takeaways, even if you’re not facing a similar situation:

  • Upgrading one component can have unlooked-for consequences.
  • New machinery isn’t always the best solution.
  • Upgrading isn’t always the simplest solution.

It’s easy, when you see a component that looks like it’s been around for a while (maybe longer than you!) to assume that out with the old and in with the new is the best plan. Look further, and you can see that it isn’t always the best idea.

We can help you keep your legacy Indramat and Rexroth machinery running longer. It’s that simple.

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