Using Your Rexroth Manual to Respond to Error Codes

You’ve tracked the problem down to a Rexroth device — or it may say “Indramat” or even “Rexroth Indramat.” In any case, it’s showing you an error code.

Now what?

First question: do you have the manual?

Rexroth electric motion control is the best motion control on the planet. Servos, drives, and controls often work without incident for decades. Finally a problem comes up and all you have to go on is a little string of numbers and letters. At some time in the past, there was a manual you could use to look up the problem.

But your paper manual could now be in a file drawer somewhere, or in a storage box, or on a bookshelf in some other location. No one has looked for it, let alone used it, in 24 years. Mice could have borrowed it to make a nest way back when.

So your first step, if you can’t lay your hands on a manual, is to request a new manual. Be sure to tell us which part you need the manual for. We’ll get it to you quickly.

Now that you have the manual…

Whether you found it or we sent it to you, your troubleshooting manual will list all the relevant error codes. Find the one your machine is showing.

You will now find an explanation of the error, its cause, and the solution to the problem. Causes and remedies are shown in order of likelihood. That means, in the example above, that the most likely reason for F226, undervoltage in power section, is that the power source was interrupted, without switching off the drive enable first. Ordinary human error, and you might not have to replace your DKC drive at all.

There might also be a disturbance in the power supply — such as a power outage. So you should first check the logic for the activation of the drive and make sure that’s ship-shape. Then check the power supply.

Since these items are in order of probability, you should start at the top of the list, with the most likely issues, and work your way down.

Once you’ve taken those steps, you might have solved your problem.

Do you still have a problem?

If you found your manual and you’ve checked all the likely issues, you need help. Call us immediately. We are specialists in Rexroth electric industrial motion control, and chances are good that we will be able to help you over the phone.

If you need repair or reman, we will see to it. If you need a new component, we have the largest inventory of replacement parts in the nation, so we probably have the part you need.


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