Water Infrastructure and Rexroth Need Improvement

The_Dam_by_jonnygoodboyRexroth is a leader in the water infrastructure industry with new projects on some of the world’s largest dams for water management. But a recent EPA report shows there’s still lots of work to be done and many upgrades needed immediately to keep our water infrastructure running. After a rating of “D” by the American Society for Civil Engineers, it’s clear that Rexroth could do a lot to help improve our failing water systems.

The EPA estimates that immediate need repairs and renovations total $335 billion for fresh water and $298 billion for waste water. However, the American Water Works Association puts estimates closer to $1 trillion to take care of upgrades needed over the next 25 years. Individual project costs are staggering and are left up to individual communities to fund without much help from Congress. Two bills for changes in financing water infrastructure projects are currently stalled in Congress and might never be addressed, much less passed.

Where does Rexroth come in? As the leader in the water management industry with management hydraulic cylinders to control water levels in dammed rivers and lakes, Rexroth has a lot to gain from legislation and financial investments in water management infrastructure. Rexroth develops numerous types of gates, hydraulic cylinders, and the computers that operate them. In terms of servo drives, we use this same technology to coordinate movements for machinery during operation, from pick and pack systems to forge presses. For water management, it’s important all the bays for water flow are opened simultaneously to avoid disaster and Rexroth excels in this area.

While we only service Rexroth and Indramat servo motors and drives, we’re interested to see where the problems of water management take Rexroth in the future and the effects on servo motors and servo drives. As technology advances in other areas, it’s only a matter of time before the flood gates open to the servo world.

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