What You Need Handy When You Call for Repairs


When you need repairs, reman, or any kind of support for any part of your Rexroth electric motion control system, you can make things easier for yourself by taking a few minutes for preparation.

“Easier for yourself” because we get a lot of calls about motion control emergencies, and we know just how they go. You’re looking at a machine that is doing nothing, and telling you nothing except some random-looking letters and numbers, some of which spell out “Indramat” or “Indradrive.” Your floor manager is shouting about how much money you’re costing the company just by being alive, and the operators are all standing around in a low cloud of acrid smoke, costing the company money while they stare at you. Pretty soon you’ll be yelling about how much money we’re costing you, just by answering the phone.

You can skip all that part by getting the information you need together before you call.

Here’s what you need

  • What machine is giving you trouble? Is it a 2AD motor, a CLC control, or a RAC drive? Look up at the navigation on this page and you’ll see pages for all these things and more, with pictures and descriptions that will help you determine just what you’re dealing with.
  • Is there a fault code or error code visible? Make note of it.
  • Does the fault occur all the time, or just under certain conditions? Think about temperature, length of time operating, and maybe the time somebody ran into it with a forklift. If none of these things come to mind, ask around. Is it a sporadic problem, or is it correlated with some event or situation? If it’s been an ongoing problem, how long has it been going on?
  • Check for loose wiring and cable problems before you call. If there’s a power source issue, make sure it’s the machinery and not the building.
  • Exactly how does the fault play out? Does it happen only in one direction, are there uncontrolled movements, or is there no movement at all? Figure out how to describe the action (or lack of action) as clearly as possible.
  • Is there a specific part that isn’t performing correctly, such as a blower or brake? If so, make an effort to identify the specific part.

If you can provide this information from the start, we’ll be in a much stronger position to help you fast.

If you can’t find this information, call anyway. We have decades of experience with Rexroth electric industrial motion control. We also have the largest inventory of legacy replacement components in the country. We will have you up and running fast. Call (479) 422-0390 immediately for immediate help.

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