What’s Your Operating System?

Never mind Mac vs. PC. What does your equipment run?

When you decide between Mac and Windows, there are a lot of issues to consider. You have to think about price, of course, but you also need to think about things like vulnerability to viruses, elegance of design, available software, intuitive graphic user interface, and the smoothness of the workflow.

Not to mention how cool you look while playing Rocket League and updating Facebook.

When you think about what your equipment uses for an operating system, you don’t need to consider how creative the UI makes your servos feel or whether they can easily send files to colleagues. They better not be playing Rocket League, either.

This means, first, that when someone looks aghast because you have to communicate with your machinery using DOS, you can ignore them. They just haven’t thought it through.

New Rexroth devices have a lot more flexibility when it comes to communication. This is a high priority for new industrial machinery of all kinds. Users want to be able to communicate with their machines via tablets or smartphones. Managers are getting into centrtalized connections like the ActiveCockpit.

These new options are an important part of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory. If you’ve got a legacy MKD motor running your printing press, the new options are irrelevant.

You don’t need to update because of your legacy motion control system’s operating system. Its need are being met.

That means that you –or whoever is communicating with your equipment — need to have something that runs DOS. We keep old computers around so we can talk with old machinery, and that’s really all it takes.

We specialize in Rexroth electric industrial motion control. Old, new, with any operating system. If you need support, we can help. We also have the largest stock of emergency replacement parts in the nation. Call for immediate assistance.

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