When Third Party Repair Shops Need Help

It’s tough being a third-party repair shop for Rexroth and Indramat motion control systems. Rexroth continues to support legacy components, but Rexroth has never sold parts to third-party repair shops. Bob’s BBQ & Servo Repair Shoppe can’t get new parts. We’ll leave it to your imagination where they get the parts they use.

They can’t get the specs or the expertise, either. Factory repair is your only real option to get your Rexroth components back to new, or even better than new.

So it’s not unusual for third-party repair shops to come to us for help. That’s what happened earlier this week when a guy emailed us a photo. He had bought a used unit for a customer, but he wasn’t sure he had the right item.

How can you tell what Rexroth product you received?

Your Rexroth Indramat unit (it might also be just Rexroth or just Indramat) has a label with the model code on it. The example shown above is a servo motor. It’s an MKD071B-061-KPO-KN motor, to be precise.

And you need to be precise. The letters and numbers in the code tell you what kind of motor this is, what size it is, and which of the various options it involves. For example, depending on the kind of part you have, you might have a code saying that your unit is water-cooled, or that it has a brake (or not). These are important distinctions.

Getting the wrong servo motor could mean that it won’t work for your application, that it will be too large or small for your space, that it will be too powerful or not powerful enough, or that the plugs will be in the wrong places to work on your machine.

What if there’s no label?

If you don’t see a label like the one we’ve shown you, then you’re not looking at a genuine Rexroth item. You might be looking at a Frankenstein-style unit cobbled together from a lot of spare parts. We see that kind of thing pretty frequently from Bob’s BBQ & Servo Repair Shoppe.

The bigger problem

The bigger problem is that Bob presented himself to his customer as an expert, and he can’t even tell if he’s got the right part. His customer doesn’t know this, but it’s worth thinking about.

We’re experts on Rexroth electric industrial motion control systems. We can usually diagnose your problem over the phone and have your part in for factory repair or reman within 24 hours. We also carry the largest inventory of emergency replacement units in the country. You’re better off with us than with the guy who has to ask us what Rexroth part he’s looking at. Call now for immediate assistance.

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