Where Do Rexroth Legacy Parts Come From?

We’ve said before that we’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out where third party dealers get the parts they use to repair Rexroth legacy motion control components.

Now we don’t have to leave it to your imagination, because we received this image showing legacy components being mined for parts.

This is the good ol’ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle approach. Keeping these machines out of the landfill is a good thing, right? And besides, third party repair shops can’t get the parts new. In that situation, taking used parts and repurposing them makes sense. It’s good for the environment, good for the third party repair shop, and good for the parts reseller.

It’s not necessarily the best thing for your machines, though.

Are recycled parts the best choice?

You can’t be sure that a part from a used machine is still in good working order. These machines are not, after all, in good working order. Can you be sure about the parts?

If you choose factory repair or reman, you will get new Rexroth parts. If the parts have been improved or updated since you commissioned your machine, you’ll get the new and improved parts. Either way, you’re not taking any chances.

The candid snapshot below shows a third party repair. Read all about it.

The mishmosh of leads and parts here is the direct result of the fact that third-party repair shops don’t have access to the original parts. They may have some of the parts they need, but they won’t have all the parts. As for the condition of the parts they can come up with, it’s unknown till they try it out on their guinea pig’s components.

Do you want to be the guinea pig?

Questionable parts… questionable repairs

In addition to the lack of original parts, third party repair shops are also lacking factory-trained certified technicians to do the repairs.

Naturally, we see a lot of failed third party repairs. When factory managers have tried Bob’s BBQ and Servo Repair to save a buck, and then found themselves thousands of dollars in the hole because of a failed repair, they bring their still-not-working components to us for factory repair. People who are happy with their third party repairs don’t call us.

But Rexroth makes a point about those risk-takers that goes beyond keeping the machinery running. When you take a chance on repairs, you also take a chance on safety. Factory repaired components come back to you like new, with a warranty. Third party repairs may be dangerous.

Are you willing to take that chance?

In most cases, factory repair is the safest and most cost-effective option. Call us at (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance.



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