Why Closed Cabinets?


Your servo is or should be in a closed cabinet. Why? It’s not to protect you from the machinery but to protect the machinery from you. If your Indramat or Rexroth servo is malfunctioning, call us before opening up your cabinet. Our number is 479-422-0390.

Static electricity

One of the biggest problems in cool weather is static electricity. In dry conditions created by heating air to keep workers warm, your body can generate quite a bit of static. Static can build up on your body because of synthetic clothing, dry skin, or even the soles of your shoes on synthetic surfaces. If you pass that electric discharge to your servo drive while opening a cabinet, you can destroy the circuits and fry the drive.

If you must open the cabinet to inspect what’s going on inside, be sure to discharge any static electricity on something conductive before touching the cabinet. Be sure that you use a static electricity bracelet if you decide to poke around and touch the inside of the cabinet.


In warm weather, condensation is an enemy. Always be sure to let your cabinets equalize before opening them because of risks of condensation on parts. Since the inside of cabinets are cooled, condensation can form on electronics and even minimal condensation can damage them.

Of course, the best thing to do is to call us instead of opening the cabinets to just take a peek.  If you do find damage, we can help walk you through to see the amount of damage you’ve done and if it’s repairable. And if it can’t be fixed, we have spares on hand. Call us today at 479-422-0390 for Rexroth and Indramat expert help.

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