Why Is My Rexroth Servo So Noisy?


You know what your car engine is supposed to sound like. That guttural roar of pistons moving and belts humming is part of the whole driving experience. When you hear something else — maybe a woop! woop! or a rhythmic sussing sound — you know something’s going on.

Rexroth servo noises are much like engine noises–they can tell you if something’s not right. As always, a strange new noise should be investigated and repaired accordingly. But there are some culprits you should look into first if you’ve got some strange noises on your hands.

Loose Parts in your Servo

Just as in cars, anything that’s loose will jiggle and make a noise. Loose parts might eventually break free and cause damage, so if you hear something rattling around, it’s time to tighten it up. However, you might not be able to get to the bolt or part that’s loose. It might be inside of the servo. If that’s the case, it’s time for factory repair. Any time you need to open up a motor, factory repair will give your unit back in like-new condition. Opening it up and poking around will just void your warranty.

Worn Bearings

If you’ve ever had a whine in your tire when you turned, you might have found out that your wheel bearings were worn and had to be replaced. The same goes for your Rexroth servo motor that might have bearings inside of it. If bearings become worn on one side, have flat portions, or become pebbled on the surface, they can make strange noises and will need to be replaced. If not, the bearings could lock up and disable your Rexroth servo motor.

Rexroth servo motors have lifetime bearings. However, plenty of Rexrot servos last a lot longer than their official life span. A 20 year old servo with bearings designed to last for 10 years might just need new bearings.

Think about factory reman in this case. All wearing parts, which includes bearings, will be replaced.

Incorrect Settings

Every job requires certain tasks from your Rexroth servo motor and drive and if you’re not using the correct settings, it can do weird things to your servos and make noises you’ve never heard before. If you can’t find the solution to your noise with a physical issue, it’s probably a setting issue that needs to be fixed.


If your Rexroth or Indramat servos are making strange noises you’ve never heard  before, it’s time to call for some professional help to make sure nothing need repair and to fix it before it breaks. Noises can be clear indicators that it’s time to make some changes or repairs before it breaks down and stops working.

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