Factory Repair or Reman?

If you use Rexroth electric motion control, you’ve probably come to rely on the components for consistent, trouble-free performance year in and year out. At some point, however, you may need service or support. In fact, you might think about replacing your servo, drive, or control with a newer model.

That shouldn’t be your first step, though. Factory repair or reman can solve your problem most of the time, and it’s a more affordable option.

Why factory repair?

You may have a local repair shop or a guy on the floor who’s always willing to try to fix things. Don’t let them give it a shot first.

We’ve seen some terrible results from third party repair shops. They don’t have access to original parts, specs, or training. Their repairs are therefore likely to be unsuccessful, or even to make things worse.

Meanwhile you’re coping with the costs of downtime, which can be much higher than the cost of repairs.

Repair or reman?

A repair fixes the problem you’re having. We can often diagnose your problem over the phone, and you can get your part repaired with surprisingly fast turnaround.

Reman is more involved. All wearing parts will be replaced — ball bearings, valves, and the like. Everything will be cleaned and the housing will be resealed and laquered. Your units come back to you with a 24 month warranty in most cases.

What’s more, you’re getting the newest parts. If parts have been refined and upgraded since your unit was made, you’ll get the refinements and upgrade at no extra cost.

Our experts will be happy to help you determine whether your particular problem will be best solved by a repair or a reman. If you actually just need a new cable or battery, we can probably tell you that over the phone.

Either way, call us first. Save yourself time and trouble.

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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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