Like a Bosch

Rexroth makes the best motion control systems on the planet… but it’s a little more complicated than that. Rexroth is the company that acquired Indramat, the innovative electric drive and control company, in the 20th century. You can still see that heritage in the Indradrive series, along with Indramotion, Indracontrol, and Indralogic. But Rexroth joined up with parent company Bosch, so that Rexroth is the industrial motion control arm. Bosch, the parent company, engineers solutions for home, travel, and work.

So it is that, while Rexroth is a leader in the Industrial Internet of Things, Bosch can also invite you to bring the Internet of Things into your life so you’ll be Living Like a Bosch.

The video above contains some disclaimers. They’re showing solutions, they explain, that might not be universally available, or might not be available now, or might not be available in the future, or might not be universally available in the future. For sure, they’re not available in the United States. Clearly, Bosch doesn’t want to hear from you if your car won’t take itself into the garage and park itself neatly, never mind the phone-activated coffee machine.

One motivation for the video, which is a departure for Bosch, was to advocate for IoT. If comfort with the household IoT increases, can comfort with the IIoT be far behind?

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