Maintaining Maintenance-free Rexroth Components

Many of the components in Rexroth’s electric industrial drive and control systems do not require maintenance. There are maintenance-free motors, controls that have lubrication intended to outlast the component, and linear actuators that use innovative technology that eliminates the need for lubrication.

What’s more, servo technology just naturally reduces wear and tear. There are fewer moving parts, and more electronic functionality. Machinery controlled by servo motors is less likely to break in the first place.

Oh, and predictive maintenance is becoming a big part of Rexroth systems. The new Indradrive systems not only monitor the drive, but also the components it’s driving. You know that a component needs maintenance before it actually needs maintenance.

Sounds good, right?

Maintenance-free has exceptions

Rexroth servo motors are factory-sealed, so you can’t open and lubricate them. They are lubricated already and won’t need further lubrication for 10 years.

That’s the expected lifespan of the component.

But we see servos still in service for 20 years. Obviously, that lubrication can’t be expected to handle an extra decade or more. These components are maintenance-free for their expected lifespan, but not forever. Since they are maintenance-free, however, you can’t access them for needed maintenance.

What’s the solution? Reman.

When a component is remanufactured, all the wearing parts are replaced, the entire component is cleaned, new lubrications is put in place, the housing is resealed and repainted — the component you sent in comes back as good as new (or even better).

If you have components in service past their expected lifespan, it makes sense to consider reman for those components. We can make sure you get back up and running with as little downtime as possible.

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