Rexroth Active Shuttle

ActiveShuttle automates your intralogisitcs — that is, the internal flow of goods and materials. You can establish a use-based flow of materials so operators get the items they need as they need them. You can set up a standardized system supplying goods and materials on a pre-determined schedule, or base the system on third-party ordering.

The key is, you get what you need when you need it.

ActiveShuttle has some significant benefits. It is designed to work around the clock. It’s safe for humans and for materials, It provides automated loading and unloading. It has a super-cute Disney style sound track and choreography like the June Taylor dancers — well, that might just be in the video.

But the ActiveShuttle Management System doesn’t require any changes to the factory infrastructure. It can be fully automated, but can also be controlled manually. And the Plug & Go system requires no special programming.

Rexroth calls ActiveShuttle “the Delivery Guy.” It’s an autonomous vehicle for the factory floor, safe even if people are on the floor at the same time. ActiveShuttle carries dollies designed for automatic loading and unloading, taking on many materials handling jobs to free up human operators for safer, more creative tasks.

True to Rexroth’s modular tradition, ActiveShuttle is expected to add more functionality in future, perhaps being able to take and fill orders for products. And it fits in perfectly with ActiveCockpit, IOTGateway, and the rest of Rexroth’s Industry 4.0 system.

Whether you have a state of the art Rexroth drive and control system running your IoT factory or a single Indramat Rexroth servo motor, we’re the experts you need to keep your Rexroth electric motion control systems in trim.

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