Rexroth ADF Motor Maintenance

Rexroth ADF motors combine with ECODRIVE and DIAX04 drive controllers to provide intelligent drive systems with high power. ADF motors are asynchronous housing motors with squirrel-cage and liquid cooling. They’re typically used in printing, metal forming, paper processing, and packaging.

Rexroth ADF motors are officially maintenance-free. However, there are some actions you should take to keep the system in good order.

Check the cooling system at least once in every 1,000 hours of operation. Rinse, clean, and de-air the cooling system and make sure it’s keeping the motor at the right temperature.

Check the filter system on the same schedule.

Test the mechanical and electrical connections. Once again, every 1,000 working hours is about right for scheduled maintenance of these connections. If you haven’t been keeping up, calendar the task for the future.

Listen to the motor. It should be quiet, and you shouldn’t hear bearing noises. If you’re using vibration sensors, make sure that you check the manual for limits on vibration. Remember that “lifetime” bearings refers to the expected lifetime of your motor.

Frankly, any working ADF motor is past its expected lifetime. Rexroth industrial motion control is so excellent that we often see Rexroth servo motors in service long past their expected lifetimes, and certainly past the grease life of the bearings. If you hear any bearing noise, contact us right away for factory repair. You may end up with a new warranty… and you’ll certainly extend the lifetime of your motor.

Regularly clean up the motor housing, cooling fins, fan, and connections. Dust, dirt, and debris in any of these areas can contribute to overheating and other problems. If no one in your facility can remember the last time this was done, do it now. Then repeat the procedure every six months — or as often as once a month if you’re working in a very dirty environment.

These steps will extend the life of your ADF motor. If you need support, call us at 479-422-0390 for immediate help. We specialize in Rexroth electric drive and control systems.

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