Rexroth DKS and MDD

The DKS digital drive and the MDD servo motor were designed to work together.  Together, they create a complete drive system for industrial motion control. The DKS and MDD pairing isn’t the only option, but they were made for each other, and this is still one of the common systems we see in factories today.

The DKS drive unit consists of a basic servo drive with slots for configuration. There’s a command interface card, a software module, and an auxiliary plug-in card. These options allow you to configure the DKS for the specific uses you need.

Command interface cards configure SERCOS or other interfaces. The DKS can be a stand-alone controller for single-axis positioning, but a command interface card allows more complex control.

The software module contains the operating software and drive parameters. Rexroth’s modular design means that this module can be pulled out of a defective DKS drive and plugged right into a replacement DKS drive. This minimizes downtime. We can often simply repair a defective DKS drive and get your facility back up and running.

If you need factory repair or reman, we can provide emergency replacement units while the work is being done, so that you don’t face expensive downtime.

The MDD servo motor was designed for use with “intelligent” drives like the DKS. It’s distinguished by high speed and high accuracy, which makes it ideal for robotics, printing, packaging, tools, and textiles.

There are nine different MDD servos, with different continuous torques and speeds to suit specific needs.  They use permanent rare-earth magnets for low inertia. Brushless motors and sealed permanent lubrication make the MDD a no-maintenance component.

That doesn’t mean that you can ignore your MDD and expect awesome performance. The environment has to be kept within the machine’s requirements. And at some point the MDD will reach the end of its service life.

Fortunately, repair or reman can often get your servo running well for many more years. Contact us when your DKS and MDD need service. We’re specialists.

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