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Rexroth has a new e-commerce website. That’s a good move, especially with a pandemic going on. Until now, if you wanted to pop a Rexroth motion control component into your cart, you had to go to eBay or Amazon. You’d be looking at used components fixed up by a third-party repair shop with parts from — well, let’s just admit that we don’t know exactly where they got their parts. Does that sound good?

Of course not.

But online shopping has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce rose by 43% in September. That’s on top of August’s 42% increase. October will probably continue the pattern as shoppers prepare for the holidays. Amazon brought in $10 billion for Prime Day alone.

Sales reps aren’t being welcomed in most offices, and customers aren’t hitting showrooms, either. Not even the very cool Rexroth road trip showroom.

Every company should probably be considering ecommerce. So Rexroth ecommerce makes sense. It gives you a better option than eBay, for sure.

Should you order from

Sure. Ordering from BuyRexroth is obviously a different proposition from picking up a questionable servo motor from a marketplace seller on Amazon.

You’ll be buying brand new factory-fresh components directly from Rexroth ecommerce. What’s not to like?

Think first

Sometimes you don’t need brand new factory-fresh components, though.

For one thing, you don’t always need new components at all. For another, you might not need new ones. Rexroth might not even be making new ones. Sometimes repairing your current component or replacing it with a reman is a better choice.

When you get repaired or reman components directly from the factory, you get like-new drives, servos, and controls that fit your legacy machinery, as well as the newest parts. You get a new warranty as well as the confidence that comes with factory repair.

And you can save a lot of money.

Sometimes you don’t need a new component

Sometimes you don’t even need a new-to-you component.

Sometimes you need to update your parameters, replace a cable, or change your ambient temperature. If you start at the ecommerce website, you could end up with unnecessary upgrades.

Start with us. If you end up at BuyRexroth, that’s fine. but it may nit be the right starting point.

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