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Rexroth Error Codes: Changes 0

Posted on 19, October 2018

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Rexroth Error Codes: Changes/blog

Some error codes aren’t about flaws and breakdowns. They’re just about changes. Changes that didn’t go exactly right. This can come up when you first configure your Rexroth motion control systems, or when you make changes or replace components.

Here are some examples:

F208 UL The motor type has changed. This is the message you get when you change your motor without changing the parameters.

F209 PL Load parameter default values. When you update your firmware, your parameters need to change. The S1 button can often solve the problem.

F223 Error during initialisation of the parking axis. Did you initialize your axes? This error code lets you know that the initialization messed up. Try again.

F407 Error during initialization of master communication. Here’s another initialization error. There are more, and they’re all just about the same thing.

When you see these messages, you probably changed the configuration of your machinery in some way… but didn’t follow through with all the other changes required.

Here are some problems you can run into if your commutation angle is incorrect:

F2028 Excessive deviation
F8078 Velocity loop error
F8079 Velocity limit S-0-0091

And make sure your temperature parameters are correct, or you’ll get misleading overtemperature messages.

One more:

F2074 Absolute encoder out of window

This sounds more exciting that it is. Nothing’s flying out the window. Set the absolute measurement correctly and you’ll be covered.

Sometimes you might have a faulty machine, but sometimes you see error messages that don’t require a new component. Call us to find out. We provide phone support, field support, and factory repair when you need it.