Rexroth Leadership in Industry 4.0

Bosch Rexroth was the headline sponsor at the Industry 4.0 Summit at the Manchester Central Convention Center in the United Kingdom. Rexroth leaders gave presentations and the company showed off some new smart factory ideas.

A sampling of the concepts being demonstrated at this, the first Industry 4.0 conference of its kind in the U.K.:

The central idea of the Rexroth presentations is that the idea of Industry 4.0, the smart factory, is becoming a reality. Rexroth has been running proof-of-concept assembly lines and research centers for some years now. It’s clear that the factory of the future is ready for reality right now.

This was the first time the Rexroth Industry 4.0 demonstrator unit has been shown in the U.K. The demonstrator shows a workpiece moving itself through a variety of networked automatic and manual workstations, while data is collected and machine operators interact with the machinery. The machine guides human workers through their tasks and also shares data about the workflow that allows operators to see when they need to step in and take action.

In a factory setting, the ActiveCockpit allows operators to oversee the process throughout the facility from one place. Data visualizations and a smart board make it easy to keep track of production all through the factory — just as easy as it is with the demonstrator.

Both old and new machines can be networked with Rexroth’s smart factory technology, so it isn’t a matter of starting from scratch. The Factories of the Future Expo gave hands-on knowledge to British manufacturers. Along with Rexroth’s display, there were demonstrations of technologies such as 3-D printing, analytics, virtual reality, and more.

Rexroth’s Hans Michael Krause remarked that only 48% of British manufacturers say they’re ready for the technological changes coming their way. It’s clearly time to open up to new ideas.

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