Rexroth Makes Laser Cutting Precise and Protected

Rexroth has been controlling CNC machines — machines designed to cut materials according to precise programming — for many years. Now Rexroth has stepped it up to laser cutting machines.

The key to perfect laser control is in the IndraDrive systems and IndraDyn servo motors. These are the latest generation of Rexroth’s powerful motion control systems. Rexroth worked with Han ‘s Laser, a Chinese laser cutting machine producer, to create a perfect motion control system for their highly refined laser cutting machines.

Han’s makes more than 200 different types of laser cutting machines, plus custom orders for their clients. Rexroth’s open source technology allows Han’s to integrate their own software with IndraMotion software. Not only does this allow easier customization, it also helps Han’s protect their intellectual property. They can use their own software and make it hard to copy, while getting the benefits of the open interface for quick customization.

Laser cutting machines can cut more than 650 feet into sheet metal every minute. Han’s machines require 5 axes, and of course precision is of paramount importance. A small error can add up fast with this level of power.

The combination of power and precision has always been Rexroth’s specialty. Rexroth’s modular design is also well suited to laser cutting machines. They need additional controls, such as the power of the laser and a retracing function that ordinary CNC machines don’t need. With open source technology, modular design, and Rexroth’s focus on detail, the special needs of Han’s Lasers can be met.

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