Rexroth Sponsoring Training Awards

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Rexroth has announced that it will be sponsoring the Contribution to Skills & Training category at the Motion Control Industry Awards in April 2016, in the UK.

Rexroth’s Drive & Control Academy makes it an obvious top candidate for the Skills & Training category, with both face to face trainings in locations in Europe and the LearnWorld portal for tablets.

But Rexroth has also been a leader in training in many other ways, including programs in high schools and universities.

Read about some of Rexroth’s involvement in training and education by clicking on the links below:

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Rexroth’s strong background and leadership in industrial motion control, plus its long years of investment in the European apprenticeship tradition allow the company to take the lead in training and in supporting education that will prepare students to take their places in industrial motion control.

It is only by investing in training and education that companies can expect to cope with the skills gap and the lack of qualified workers in manufacturing. And it is only by solving that problem that U.S. reshoring will become practical.

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