Rexroth’s New Products

Rexroth is showing new products and applications at this year’s trade shows.

  • The Mechatronics@Work demo collects and displays machine and production data. This is central to Industry 4.0, which relies on ubiquitous capture of data to inform decision making.
  • Using the Rexroth IoT Gateway, the Smart Assembly 4.0 Conveyor collects, displays, and communicates data from all devices in the system.
  • The Smart Assembly 4.0 Conveyor collects and shares I4.0 data with other systems.
  • The ActiveAssist Workstation guides workers with interactive work guides
  • The ActiveCockpit is an interactive data visualization and communications platform designed to support employees and management personnel.
  • Rexroth’s I4.0 Cube is a four-sided, interactive touchscreen display that showcases Rexroth’s latest Industry 4.0 innovations.

The innovative devices make the potential of Industry 4.0 more concrete. Visitors to the trade shows will be able to try out options, see how they work together, and imagine how they will fit into workflow in their facilities.

Accenture claims that adopting 4.0 procedures can lead to a 30% increase in productivity. Yet only 27% of manufacturers have made significant progress toward this goal.

Seeing the devices at work in an integrated system can make a difference.

How connected is your supply chain?

For many manufacturers, the benefits of Industry 4.0 seem hypothetical. If your supply chain is currently not adopting I4.0 practices, bringing in a few elements of innovative technologies won’t make the kind of difference you’d see if you’re connecting with multiple large I4.0 systems.

There are benefits for early adopters, however. There are also benefits to having a clear enough vision of the future that you can plan how to bring in new tech and how to combine it with machinery that you currently have in service.

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