Third Party Cables for Rexroth Systems

Third party repairs are bad news for your Rexroth motion control systems. Check out some cautionary tales:

The True Cost of Third Party Repairs

Third Party Repair Report

Why’d You Choose Third Party Repairs, Again?

Third party cables are also bad news. In fact, they will completely void your warranty. If you use a Brand X cable instead of a Rexroth cable, you should just hope you don’t have any problems. If problems arise, the fact that you used a third-party cable changes everything.

Any guarantee is void not just for the specific machine you’re using that third party cable with, but for the entire system.

Does that matter?

If you’re using a legacy component, you might think it won’t matter. Your servo was commissioned in 1984, so you can feel pretty confident that it doesn’t still have a warranty in force.

Think again. For one thing, your entire system loses any guarantee or warranty, and some components may still have a warranty in force.

For another, you might think there’s no current warranty, but you could be wrong. Don’t forget that factory reman units come with a new warranty. Are you sure that none of the components in your system have had factory repair or reman in the last few years?

Finally, take a minute to think about the fact that this little choice — using some Brand X cable — voids your warranty. For the whole system. Would that be true if it were a good idea? It’s not that Rexroth thinks its cables are vastly superior to all other cables. It’s that you know exactly what you’re getting when you use a Rexroth cable.

When you use some other cable, you don’t know what you’re getting. It might not work correctly with your Rexroth components.

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