Rexroth Error Codes

Rexroth electric industrial motion control is some of the best motion control on the planet. Of course, that’s a good thing. But it also has a drawback: you probably spend very little time troubleshooting your Rexroth drives, controls, and servos. You may go years or even decades with no problems with your Rexroth motion control systems.

They also require little to no maintenance.  Make sure you keep them in the right environment and don’t kick the cables around too much, and you won’t see many problems.

Unfortunately, that also means that when you see problems, you won’t know what’s wrong.

Error codes

This is why your Rexroth components show error codes when problems arise. The error codes help you identify problems and figure out what to do to solve the problem. The error code will show up as a string of letters and numbers on your component. You can check your Rexroth manual and find out what the error code means.

There are usually several possibilities. They will be listed in order of likelihood. For example, you might have the wrong firmware for your needs, or you might have programmed in the wrong parameter. You might need a new battery. Often, the last choice is that your component is damaged or faulty and must be replaced.

Some of the most common error codes:

If the error code you see is not on the list above, you may need to get a copy of the troubleshooting manual for your component. Find the model number on your component and go to our Manual Request page. Fill out the simple form and we will email the manual to you.

If you need a new component, we can provide you with emergency replacement units. We can also offer factory reman and repair. We know that getting your factory back up and running is the priority.

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