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Don’t Play Chicken with Rexroth Repairs

You know the game called “chicken”? It’s that pleasant little competition where two cars careen towards one another, inviting the prospect of a mutually destructive collision. The game really only works on a level playing field, however. Both parties must stand to lose something of equal value, and both parties must be equally motivated to… Read more »

Trusting Machines

There are mixed feelings about robots, automation, and machines. Some people are really excited about the advantages and potential of automation. Others worry about the affect that automation will have on employment and society. There’s been a human vs. machine narrative as far back as the first Industrial Revolution, but we’re at the point where… Read more »

Support for Mature Rexroth Products

Rexroth’s manufacturing roots date back to 1795 when the Rexroth family acquired a water-driven hammer mill. A lot can change over the course of 200-plus years, but Rexroth’s dedication to quality, performance, and reliability remains constant. Many legacy, or mature, Rexroth products still operate in factories and plants across the globe, and they’re still serviceable…. Read more »