Happy 225th Anniversary to Rexroth

In 1795, Georg Ludwig Rexroth built a water-driven forge in Germany and began producing iron hammers. The French Revolution had developed into wars between France and her neighbors, Beethoven was becoming popular, Napoleon was on the rise, and Rexroth dealt with plenty of upheaval.

The Rexroth factory moved into an iron foundry in Lohr am Main in 1850, and the company is still there. However, Rexroth makes much more than hammers now and has 31,000 employees in more than 80 countries.

Rexroth, which bought Indramat in the 20th century and joined Bosch in the 21st century, is a leader in drive and control technology. The company has embraced new technology and madstered it over the centuries.


It should be no surprise that a company which has been thriving for two and a quarter centuries should focus on sustainability. Rexroth has always championed sustainability, environmental responsibility, and safety.

Rexroth looks toward the future for itself and its customers.

Over the years Rexroth has been involved in grand projects like the Panama Canal, the Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice, and space travel. During the 21st century, Rexroth has extended its involvement in projects in Asia, including the world’s largest piling barge in China.

Recently, Bosch Rexroth has expanded its influence in Africa as well.  In 2018, Bosch acquired Hytec Holdings in South Africa and renewed the equipment of the Roseires Dam in Sudan. Bosch has had a presence in Africa since 1906, but the Rexroth HUBB — ‘Hytec Unified By Bosch’ — has allowed Bosch Rexroth to move across the continent.

Rexroth has no intention of slowing down while moving into its third century. We can’t predict what the future will hold, but we know that Rexroth will be an important part of it.

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