Industry 4.0 Baby Steps

Industry 4.0 is a reality now, not a dream, and Rexroth is a big part of that transformation. But your facility doesn’t have to rip out all the old machinery and start over with smarter stuff. You can introduce key elements of Industry 4.0 with your current equipment.

Start with sensors. It’s practical to add sensors to current machinery. Measure the vibrations, temperature, and other relevant indicators. Gather this data locally and use it to improve your processes.

Not sure what to do with the data? Start collecting it anyway. When you’re ready — next week or next month — you’ll have data to work with. You can’t go back and collect data in the past. Start collecting now, even if you’re not sure what you’ll be doing with the information. One thing’s for sure: you will be using it.

The next step is to bring in tools to analyze and synthesize the data. Introduce ActiveCockpit and IoT Gateway  to make best use of the data you’re collecting. At this point, you can begin to see the small changes that will make a difference for you.

Rexroth, in experiments just like this, has been able to increase efficiency and reduce energy usage significantly in existing facilities. You can too.

In the meantime, keep your current machinery in good trim so you can integrate it into your new plans. By keeping current machinery in good order, you can bring in new machinery according to a strategic plan, not as a reaction to an emergency.

We’re Rexroth electric industrial motion control experts. When you need phone support, field support, or factory repair/ reman, we can help. Coming to us in the first place lessens downtime and solves your problems… rather than introducing new problems. Factory repair and reman bring components back to you with a new factory warranty.

By taking a step by step approach and keeping up with your legacy components, you can work your way into Industry 4.0 with confidence.

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